Jun 29, 2010

So Now The European Parliament . .

. . . takes leave of what little sense it ever had, and requires us to buy our eggs buy weight, rather than by number.  How many eggs make a kilo?

Here's the way round it, if it ever happens.  Take a plastic fridge box with you to the supermarket.  Open 2 cartons of eggs, which will still contain 6,10,12 or 18.  Take out an odd number of eggs, say 11, 13 or 17.
Put them carefully into your box.  At the check-out say (politely of course) "I need only 17 eggs this week.  Will you please weigh them for me."  The checkout person will probably refuse, saying, "We sell them only in 6,10,12,18 or whatever."  In which case, you say, "Oh!  I thought you had to sell them by weight now.  Like the onions. Oh well, if you can't weigh them, I'll just leave them with you. But I want my box back, so mind they don't roll on the floor."
Or . . . and this gives the supermarket even more trouble - which is what you're after, because the only way to end this nonsense is to get the supermarkets and the egg distributors SCREAMING at the UK Government to get the nonsense stopped.  Open lots and lots of egg cartons.  Take random numbers of eggs to the weighing-scales, usually to be found by the vegetable displays.  Weigh your eggs.  If they don't come to the exact kilo, or whatever "weight" of eggs you want, leave them amongst the tomatoes and onions, go back to where the eggs are and get some more.  Eventually a supermarket minimanager will say "Nell Pugh?"  (This is under 40's contemporary supermarket English for "Can I help you?")  You say "I want a kilo of eggs.  But I can't get them to weigh out exactly to a kilo.  Er . .  sorry about the mess.  Hope I haven't broken any. You'll know more about egg weights than I do. Perhaps you could weigh a kilo for me?"
What I mean, folks is . . . if you allow this crap legislation to happen you deserve all you get from the European Parliament and its careerist-cretin Commissioners. (Remember their unbending attitude to bananas?)


  1. Last I heard on the radio, somebody wanted eggs to be sold in 5's or 10's ! Nell Pugh stand by for even more hassle at the checkouts.

  2. The central madness, of course, is this! Even if the packs of eggs have to be sold by weight, we all know what egg cartons look like! So it will still be obvious how many the carton contains, although the label won't be allowed to say so. If I was a real cynic, which all my followers and fans know I am not haha, I would suspect that someone somewhere is saying "The fools out there know what 6 or 10 or 12 eggs looks like. But they don't know what a kilo of eggs looks like. So we can work another gigantic EU ripoff!"

    Er . . . er . . . what does a 5 egg carton look like?

  3. A six egg carton with one empty space?

  4. Are you serious, it doesn't make sense at all.
    Spending all that money to convert people seems absolutely ridiuclous.....Hugs

  5. Bernie . . that's the European Parliament all over. Quite recently they wanted to outlaw all but completely straight cucumbers. You couldn't make it up! And one can never see a good reason for the things they want to do. Now there's an idea for a Mrs.Trellis competition. "Give reasons why eggs should be sold by weight rather than by number" As usual, Mrs.Trellis will be awardi . . . oh. never mind!

    Jinksy . . . er, yes. I thought of that. So why not fill the empty space with an egg and call it 6. I suppose an egg sized space, being lighter than an egg, is cheaper to truck around Europe than an egg is.

  6. I had and egg for breakfast today. It has filled an egg shaped hole in my tum, but left and egg shaped hole in my egg box. This seems worthy of a ponder...especially as the shell is now and egg shape in my rubbish bin...

  7. What they seem to forget is that this is just the thin end of the extremely long wedge.
    Down the line we have oranges, lemons, grapefruit.....oh I could go on! Then there are lettuce, cucumbers, cauliflowers.....and then melons etc etc.
    Has no-one in europe ever translated or understood the English word for 'EACH'?

  8. Nell Pugh. That's great! Reminds of the telephone operators who used to say 'rubber knees?' for 'number please?'.

    I cannot, cannot believe the bit about the straight cucumbers. And why didn't I see these posts before????


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