Jun 26, 2010

A Brush with Some Tar . . .

Another unlikely computer crash story?  

Mr. and Mrs. both blogged and eMailed enthusiastically - until the day their hard disk crashed.  They called the repairman.  He extracted the offending disk.  "Why look!" he said. "See how a build-up of tar has caused your hard disk to get stuck!"  Yes, tar he said and tar he meant.
Tar?  In a computer?  How do bloggers think it got there?  
Mrs. Trellis has agreed to keep the answer secure in a sealed envelope, and the first correct solution will earn the sender points . . . and as is usual when Mrs. Trellis judges our competitions . . .



  1. Do you both smoke whilst blogging?

    Thas all I've got I'm afriad.

    Hope you're well Doc, been a long time my friend?

  2. Very well, Dan! Apart from a hacking cough and a touch of emphysema.

  3. Have wondered how you were doing?

    Is your computer in the kitchen or close to it? Perhaps something was burned.....just say'in....Hugs

  4. You misheard. He said 'tart'. NOW do you remember what happened with that dessert???

  5. TAR is what happens to computers owned by people who are adept at Talking Absolute Rubbish. Sooner or later this clogs up the computer's storage system, which gets overloaded with excess verbiage, also known as Tosh And Rubbish. I was a TAR baby, and have been talking in a similar vein ever since...

  6. Full marks to Dan! Mrs.Trellis is proud of you. Both Mr. and Mrs. smoked at the keyboard. Over the months the tar in the smoke gunged up the drive. Think what it does to your lungs.

    Bernie . . . it's so touching that you missed me! Now I'm back . . be prepared for the worst!


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