Sep 8, 2023


Give me a girl with garlic on her breath!
Fragrance of warmer air and jugs of wine.
Oh, such a one I'd love half way to death!
Not all the way, I could not spare the time

from thinking of her mediterranean hair,
falling about her shoulders and the wood-
en chopping board, the cloves of garlic there
blithe to be squidged to make her lips taste good.

Sometimes she'll munch mouthfuls of allium raw –
pungent disulphides plating pearly teeth,
promising scented lungfuls and much more.
Ah now I live and breathe, while underneath

the cooker-hood the pasta rolls and boils
as drops of garlic essence she drips in.
Not too much in case the penne spoils
nor so little her perfumed burps seem thin.

As aniseed is to the hunting hound
so hints of garlic urge my manly pride
and when she smoothes the garlic butter round
her person - she can run but she can’t hide.

Keep, if you please, your "Midnight" and "Chanel,"
witches' brews that all real ladies scorn.
Let me inhale the aroma I love well -
garlic sweet as sunlight each new dawn.

Rosemary at Poets&Storytellers United asks us to reflect on perfumes, fragrance, natural or manmade.
I'm sure you will find efforts worthier then mine HERE.


  1. Haha … when the smell of garlic beats the fragrance of Chanel, you know you're in love. :)

  2. That's one for the tongue to delight in, rather than delicate nostrils?! But guaranteed to make everyone sit up and take notice. LOL

  3. I always suspected you were an Italian !

  4. This is exactly the kind of prurient smut that gets blogging and bloggers a bad name. You should be ashamed of yourself, Doctor. I do love garlic, though. Have you ever considered moving to North Wales? I live in Abergele.

  5. LOL, this gave me a good giggle as both my husband and I adore garlic. We've never had a problem with it being on each other's breath. I need to show this to him.

  6. Ha ha! This is hilarious! The title is perfect too :-D These lines in particular cracked me up:

    "and when she smoothes the garlic butter round
    her person - she can run but she can’t hide."

    Thank you for giving us a weekend chuckle :-D :-D

  7. Thank you, all. I'm happy to think my poem in some small way restores garlic's reputation.

  8. This redolent prompt was from Rommy, not me. But I do love your take on it. Only yesterday, a friend offering me lunch said, 'I might have put too much garlic in,' and I replied, 'There's no such thing as too much garlic.'

  9. It's not a pleasant-smelling body when the person binges on garlic. You wish to escape it.

  10. Lovely rich, visceral writing... I enjoyed this.. Regards Scott Hastie

  11. LOL...I live in a mold-intensive climate so I try to stay garlicky, but you lost me at the part about smearing garllic butter round her person. Oh well, nice evocative poem.


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