May 10, 2021



Now listen, you three . . .

If it looks like a Beatle and walks like a Beatle and sings like a Beatle
IT'S A BEATLE,  Geddit?

A response to Carrie's Sunday Muse #159


  1. The perfect dose of “clever” you never fail to gift! Love it.

  2. You have outdone yourself my friend! This is a wonderful way to start a Monday!!

  3. Clever post from the prompt. Our Daughter, who worked in London for five years, and her daughter, age four months at the beginning, and the Hub, lived on that corner, Southwest corner block. I think that every visit we would go over there. Plus we had to if we took the young one to preschool, walk that walk and then past the recording studion.
    They have a Webcam at the studio,

  4. haha - Well, it must be a Beatle! What is your favorite song?

  5. Didn't know you were a Beatles fan. Doesn't quite fit the serious academic Wagner image although I know you never wear shoes:)


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