Sep 16, 2014


It's not often I post twice in one day, but conversation with a NO neighbour reminded me of the following story which nicely illustrates the chip on the Yesser's shoulders. It also illustrates, I think, the level of historical knowledge, political nous and diplomatic sophistication which the Yessers will take to the polling booths with them. My neighbour said "It's simple. They don't like the English. They imagine they live as latter day slaves under an English yoke. They'll vote Yes so that Andy Murray can say he plays Olympic tennis for Scoatland, not for team GB."

A Scottish gentleman who had drink taken (*) in the Curlers' Rest, Byres Road, Glasgow's West End heard an English voice nearby.  He sought out the offender and gave him a Glasgow Kiss.  This is a manoeuvre whereby you seize your opponent by his lapels, jerk him towards you and at the same time whack the bridge of his nose with your forehead.  The Englishman fell to the floor, scrambled to a sitting position and asked -

"C'mon, mate! What's that for?"
"That's fer Culloden, ya wee Sassenach shite."
"But . .  but . . hang on. Culloden was more than 250 years ago."
"That's as maybe.  But I only found out about it yesterday."

In passing, notice that our Scottish hero doesn't even know who the Sassenachs are/were.

Sassenach is derived from the Scottish Gaelic word 'sasunnach', literally 'Saxon' and was originally used by Gaelic speakers to refer to non-Gaelic speaking Scottish Lowlanders.

How the word came to be used as a vague insult to the English is not recorded.

(*) "The accused had drink taken" is a statement made many, many times in the Glasgow Sheriff Court by prosecuting counsel.

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  1. I bet your telly will get lots of 'talking to' over the next few days, and I watch this space with growing anticipation for the next installment of this ongoing saga...


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