Mar 19, 2013

Don't Blame Me . . .

. . . for this joke.  My son-in-law told it to me.

"I HATE Russian babushka dolls . . . "

" . . . they're always so full of themselves!"


And here's another -

Wife:  "Why are you staring so hard at that carton of orange juice?"

Husband:  "It says 'Concentrate' "



  1. This has sent me flying for my camera, for I have a Measuring Cup set with the same idea, and have been meaning to blog about it ever since my daughter gave it me! So thanks for the groanworthy joke from your son-in-law which has finally spurred me into action. :)

  2. Jinksy sent me over. Ha ha for the joke, but hurrah for babushka, a word I haven't heard in so long. My sister-in-law's mother refers to herself as an old babushka. She was able to leave Poland during the war; my sister-in-law was born in a hospital in England on the way, in 1945.

  3. My mother always referred to her headscarf as a babushka. I was a grown man before I learned that a babushka was a grandmother and not a headscarf.

    There was a Russian Exhibition here at the Atlanta Galleria about 20 years ago and I purchased a set of those dolls from the gift shop. They are on display in our china closet today. I don't know that they are valuable, but they are certainly an oddity hereabouts.


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