Apr 11, 2011

The Poetry Bus, 11th. April

Danabug offers ticket-holders a line from one of her own poems as a prompt.  Poets must use the prompt line - "I am a crooked line" - as the first line or phrase of their entry.

Please Breathe Into This, Sir.

(Takes breathalyser from WPC and addresses
her in the solemn manner of the habitual toper.)

I am a crooked line of steps
home-going from the boozer.
Were you a young and pretty lass
you surely would not choose a
sad old drunk like me to love
unless I gave you money.
Life's come to such a pretty pass.
Life is no longer funny.

(Cries, then blows into breathalyser till eyes stand out
like chapel hat-pegs)

Your crystals have not changed their hue!
I've failed another test.
The story of my wretched life
although I've done my best.
Perhaps I'd get another chance,
improve this dreadful score
if I retraced my crooked steps
and sank a few pints more?

(Stumbles and falls. WPC calls for help on radio.)


  1. lol...those pints do little to erase the crooked line we find ourselves on...unfortunately...

  2. Your vision is inspiring, Doc.

    I enjoyed your drama and I'm grateful as usual for your departure from the norm.

    We’ve all gone crooked

  3. The boozer / choose a rhyme is delightfully clever.
    Agree with EO that we can always rely on you to deliver in a non-conforming way!

  4. Thinking outside the lines is what you do best - straight or crooked ones!

  5. My ex father-in-law used to use the expression "like chapel hat-pegs." In his case the chapel was Methodist and he would not like to think I was hooting about a drunk's poem. Nice one, Doctor.

  6. LOL,very clever and entertaining!

  7. This will keep a smile on my face for the rest of today!!!

  8. The crooked lines always lead to such stories after!


  9. LOL - this is pretty funny - and goes with the title of your blog quite nicely.


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