Apr 14, 2010

Unlikely Pairings, Mostly.

Lance and Louis Armstrong

Lewis and Lady Emma Hamilton

Michael and Glenda Jackson

Andy and Jenni Murray

Ruby and Bill Murray

John and Barry Humphries

Sarah and Michael Palin 

Katie and Boris Johnson

Linford and Julie Christie

Serena and Rowan Williams

Sir Stanley and Jessie Matthews

Barbara and Sir Leonard Hutton

Scarlett and Ingemar Johansson

Miles and Bette Davis

Jackie and Charles Kennedy

Rowan and Gemma Atkinson

Esther and Robbie Williams

Barbara and Philip Winsdor

Lionel and Tony Blair 

Kate and George W.Bush

Dylan and Kristin Scott Thomas  

Hedy and The Dalai Lama(rr) (Oops!)  

Estée and Sir Harry Lauder.

Any more?  Suggestions for other Unlikely Pairings via "Comments", and FTSE will try to oblige!
Thanks to Jinksy, Deborah, Brokenbiro, C.J. Duffy and Victor for various suggestions 
(See "Comments")
Keep them coming . . . 



  1. Hahahaha! Brilliant! Kate and George!!
    I'll have to come back later with some suggestions...maybe. Gad, I was hoping to do something more productive with my evening.

  2. Benny and Faith Hill? Dylan and Kirsten Scott Thomas? Rowan and Gemma Atkinson? Rowan and Vanessa Williams?

  3. Ha ha! Great idea. Top of my head - Dorothy and Peter Parker (aka Spiderman), Sarah and Michael Palin, Dorothy and the Dalai Lamarr (ahem)

  4. Lionel Tony Blair
    JF Charles Kennedy
    George Gordon Brown (George = Chancellor in Harold Wilson's Government).

  5. As odd a selection of pairings as you could want methinks. I think you should do regular updates on this as there must be, as you suggest, limitless options.

    What about Barbara and Elizabeth Windsor?
    Barry and John Humphreys?

  6. They're getting better and better. Michael and Glenda got a big guffaw.
    (Nice positioning of Rowan Atkinson's gaze, btw.)

  7. Some people have a name dropping complex...

  8. Poor Gemma Atkinson will never make the swimming team...would sink like a stone.
    I hope men are being kind to her and not focussing on her deformity!

  9. rallentanda, I think men can't be kind. Not in that department. Why, look at Rowan, and he's not even in the same ROOM with her!

  10. Hmmmm . . . anything else Gemma Atkinson and Sarah Palin have in common? And is it unkind to enquire "Are those superstructures REAL?"

  11. I think you are having too much fun. By the way, I think this photo of Sarah Barracuda was made up – and up.

  12. Yep Sarah Palin has been photo ballooned.
    You can only have those porn star appendages and be a politician in Italy where you are guaranteed to win the entire male vote in the country.

  13. Vagabonde . . . how can one have too much fun?!!

    I'm looking for an "Armstrong" to go with "Lance." Any ideas?

  14. Somebody needs to tell Gemma Atkinson that she has one hung low.Did you hear about the lady who's bra strap broke? They call her Onehunglo. I think she was of oriental origin. BTW I will look for "The Nuns"

  15. Unless my eyes deceive me, your photo of Jackie Kennedy is of a wax Jackie Kennedy. At Madame Tussaud's, perhaps? And although her pink suit and hat might be called "iconic" this American thinks it was in rather poor taste for Mme. Tussaud to portray her in that particular outfit.

    Rowan Atkinson's vision is 20/20 and probably rising!

  16. rhymeswithplague . . . wax or cosmetic surgery?


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